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My name is Nathan and I am self-taught developer and founder. I currently work with an enterprise software company called GivingForce, where I am a product manager.

This has been organised through the New Entrepreneurs Foundation, where I am in the 2017 cohort. This entails working alongside high growth companies and learning directly from the management of these ventures. Alongside shadowing Ejaz Rashid Founder and CEO, I am invited to workshops and speaker events with leading entrepreneurs.

Over the last year I have also been teaching myself full-stack web development. This allows me to succeed in my role at GivingForce where I am currently getting taught the nuts and bolts of Databases, and enterprise software. I am a passionate Rubyist and love working with Rails. I am currently diving deep into these technologies so that I can develop the technology for my own ventures.

My current project is a recruitment tool for newly trained developers called CoderList. I am going to be growing this venture over the course of my studies with the NEF.

I am passionate about technology and the business opportunities it creates. I am currently exploring Artificial Intelligence and am eager to hear anything about the discipline.

If you want to get in contact fill out the form on the website or Tweet me @NathanJMonte.


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